Claudia + Matt

Amy is the reason my wedding was the most beautiful day of my life. When I started out, I didn't understand what a wedding planner did and wasn't convinced I needed one. Predictably, as a professional and perfectionist, I quickly became overwhelmed. I kept wondering, do all these other brides work?? I was 4 months out from my wedding and couldn't, for the life of me, see how this was going to actually come together. It was a coworker, also planning her wedding, who eventually sat me down for an intervention and recommended Amy.

Working with Amy was like having two brides on the job, except that one of us actually knew what she was doing. She was sweet and professional. In one structured meeting, she took stock of progress made, identified what needed immediate attention, and organized us into a plan that took us straight through the day-of.

Amy is a natural at design, learning your tastes and style, and elevating it for the occasion. My wedding is the most beautiful I have ever attended. I am certainly biased, but I know not all brides feel that way. Amy can help accomplish that.

My husband and I truly adore Amy. She cares about her clients, takes her work seriously, and cares about the success of your wedding day as much as you. I'll miss working with her and couldn't recommend her services enough to the next bride. So please let me do for you, what my sweet coworker did for me. Save your sanity and enjoy this process. Your first step should be a conversation with Amy.

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Sofia + Scott

Amy is a fantastic wedding planner! I really don't have enough good things to say. She's the kind of wedding planner who really works with you and offers her ideas without pushing anything on you. She’s incredibly well organized and helps you keep on track as your wedding day approaches and she’s also super flexible! When I changed my mind on style/color, she worked with me to offer suggestions and helped me see where I needed to stay focused (and I most definitely changed my mind about things). She's also very goal oriented. If you tell her what you need or what you want, she will help you accomplish that!

Another amazing thing about Amy was that on the day of my wedding, she made everything feel like smooth sailing even after my cake was in a small car accident and we got hit with a 'summer' storm mid dinner. Seriously…I’m not sure the situation could have been handled any better. The cake was fine, just late to the wedding, but I didn’t even realize that had happened till AFTER the wedding! My wedding was partially indoor, partially outdoor and a summer storm came through and moved the DJ and the photo-booth inside. She handled that all so well – figuring out and deciding where they would all go…Amy was impressive and I’m so happy I had Amy as my wedding planner!

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Elana + Ryan

We hired Amy for partial planning. Put simply, Amy is really, REALLY good at what she does. I was a difficult combination of very busy bride (1st year lawyer) and one who has trouble delegating. Amy sent monthly checklist emails, helped keep me on track, offered suggestions, recommended vendors, and helped develop my vision without forcing hers. She makes herself very accessible to her brides, and we talked over text, phone, Facetime, and in person during the planning process. Amy asked lots of questions and we worked through diagrams to make sure she could execute my vision day of without needing to follow up with me. Also, I am not sure if Amy had worked on Jewish weddings before, but she was very sweet and attentive in asking about the various Jewish elements, and making sure she knew what to do with the items, where to put them, and what they were called. She also has lots of great items (large vintage frame, table numbers, etc.) that she lets her brides borrow, which was great and saved us some money!

On the day of the wedding, it was like any time something came up that needed to be dealt with, it fell into place before I had time to panic. That was Amy working her magic! My ceremony violinist got stuck in traffic and didn't make it, and I only found out 30 minutes before the ceremony. Amy ran up to ask the DJ if he could hook up his sound system and cover. There is no way I could have done that without a coordinator just a few minutes before my ceremony! The next morning, I woke up, and everything had "magically" made its way back to my car!

Thank you Amy for making the planning process so much more manageable and the wedding day, a dream!


Melissa + Bogdan

I don't know how to properly convey everything that Amy was able to accomplish! For starters, imagine getting an email from an out-of-town, panicky bride who just got engaged but has about 10 weeks to plan a wedding. Amy not only read this email, but also decided "Yup! This is something I want to take on!"

From the start, Amy was instrumental in helping my husband and I really focus on what was important. I like to think that part of that was our attitude going into this, but a larger portion was Amy and her guidance! She not only did the design, she did it in a way that truly felt like us in every aspect ... which was an amazing feat considering we were planning this remotely, and we met face-to-face much farther along in the planning process. She took our ideas and personalities, and fashioned them into a wedding that (I know this is cheesy) but was 'us'. I know this because that sentence has been coming out of guests mouth's nearly non-stop since!

Amy also has an extensive network of vendors, and since we were new to the area this was a godsend. I have no doubt that you can bring your own vendors to the table and she will work seamlessly with them, but in our case it was calming to know that our vendors were familiar with one another. I will also say that I never felt any pressure when working with Amy to conform to some of the more traditional "wedding machine" items ... 'Don't want a cake? It's not necessary! Feel strongly about the food? Then that's one of places we'll focus more on! Non-traditional ceremony? Cool!' ... Her outlook and joy in really making this day about YOU is amazing. We DIY'd some aspects of our wedding as well, even on a short timeline, and Amy's design eye was instrumental even in these projects! She is professional, organized (we ran a tiny bit ahead of our timeline the day-of ... who does that?), and incredibly easy to work with. I can't recommend Amy any higher, or more sincerely!


Meredith + Julian

Amy will not only make sure your day is perfect, she goes above and beyond. Not only was she a shoulder to cry on, she brought sprigs from her own garden for our table settings and always checked in to see what else she could take off our plate. I could not recommend any one higher. Her recommendations were always on point, she has a fantastic creative eye. We were wary at first about a planner, but giving the reins to Amy to coordinate with all the vendors was the best decision we ever made. No stress for us, she dealt with it all. SHE IS THE BEST, we want her to plan and design all of our future parties!

Amy is fabulous! I had contacted her to plan, coordinate and basically "run" my son and daughter-in-law's rehearsal dinner. The event was in Virginia and since I live in a Boston suburb I could never have taken care of any of the details without her. I was so comfortable with her and her excellent vendors. I simply wrote a check (and it was quite reasonable) and Amy provided everything, all while being so inconspicuous!

I would definitely recommend Amelia Lawrence Weddings for anyone that has a discerning eye for perfection and elegance.


Look no further for the best planner/designer/wedding GURU in the DC area...dare I say the entire east coast? Seriously!

Thank you Amy! - Bre + Joe