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Andrea Rodway Photography

Q: Where did the name Amelia Lawrence come from?  

A:  My mother wanted to name me Amelia and call me Amy for short, but my father didn't see the point so Amy went on the birth certificate. My husband's first name is Lawrence, but he goes by him middle name. So...Amelia Lawrence is rather a play on names, Amelia - a name that was never established but referred to and Lawrence - a name that exists but not fully used. I write in cursive and my husband in print - thus...the logo. 

Q: What makes you different from other wedding planners? 

A: Being a joyful servant. In a world where people put themselves first, and where money is the overall goal, my focus is you. Ensuring you are served and cared for the way I would like to be. I find the greatest people on earth are those who are true servants to others. 

Q: How do you keep track of all the different weddings?  Don't you get confused? 

A: Keeping track of details is what I was born to do!  I use a superior wedding planning tool to collaborate with my partial and full planning brides, and GoogleDocs to ensure we all stay organized and on track.  I find picture sharing, ideas, to-do list, communication and budget are best done in one location that we each have access to. 

Q: Do you carry liability insurance? 

A: Yes! I have a $1Million policy and encourage you to work with other vendors who also carry insurance. 

Q: What are your prices and how are those determined? 

A: Every package is customized for each couple and each specific wedding. Packages begin at $1,800 and are tailored based on full planning, partial planning or event coordination. Other factors are wedding party/guest size, location, variety of vendors, day of set up, complexity, multiple venues, budget, etc.

Q: Do you work with other vendors or just those on your list? 

A: Of course...I will work with anyone that you have chosen to ensure your day is everything you have dreamed it would be!

Q: Will you travel to another destination? 

A: Absolutely!  My passport is ready to go! I have been to a variety of different countries around the world and am able to handle different cultures, locations and environments. Let's go! 

Q: How do I become a client? 

A: I thought you would never ask! Please complete the online contact form or email me directly at  I will be in touch to schedule a time to chat over coffee and see if we would be a good fit for each other.