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Owner & Creative Director

As the planner and lead designer behind every single wedding, I ensure each couple we work with is given the time and love they deserve every step along the way. Weddings are most certainly about many details but they are more importantly about people.

After completing my Master's Degree, I moved to D.C. to work for a Congressman on Capitol Hill managing his schedule, front office and local and state events. My management experiences have taken me to different government agencies, private sector firms and the Pentagon. In 2013 I took a leap of faith and my jewelry and planning & design business was born.

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Wedding Coordinator

Rebecca is a Jane of all trades and the master at keeping everyone calm and collective. She is the best wedding coordinator due to her attention to detail, her sweet, happy personality and her love for life. Rebecca has many years of wedding planning and coordinating experience.

Our other creative passion is elegant handmade jewelry.

AmeliaLawrence jewelry was born from a passion to create handcrafted, elegant jewelry. Our jewelry is special enough to be worn on your wedding day, yet simple enough to be worn everyday.